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Digital Trust: Human Values, Intelligent Machines

This presentation is not about AI; it is about people. Specifically, it’s about the humans behind the machines.

As developers continue to push the boundaries of artificial intelligence, we’ll grow increasingly dependent on conversational tools, such as bots, for personal tasks and sophisticated business interactions. So how are we developing AI that reflects our very human values, and how we can design better machine interactions to build digital trust?

This panel of AI experts from across the industry will explore the human-machine relationship, the role of digital trust for users, and how we are training our intelligent systems with both intentional values and unconscious biases.

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  1. Do we impose human values and biases on the intelligent machines we create?
  2. How is the human-machine relationship evolving from bot to bot-maker to end user?
  3. What role does digital trust play in creating successful conversational tools?



Alexa Ball, Tech Marketer, Jones-Dilworth, Inc.

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