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SXSW 2017

The Power & Potential of Immigrant Entrepreneurs

There’s a voice missing from the nation’s immigration debate–the immigrant entrepreneur, the embodiment of the American Dream. Imagine starting over in a new country and using your wits to launch a company, provide for family and succeed. That was the experience of many of our grandparents and parents. Today’s immigrant entrepreneurs (often fleeing persecution in their native country) continue that tradition of bootstrapping as they create technologies and products that transform our world–and our economy. Science Center CEO Steve Tang, the son of immigrants and a commercial, social and civic entrepreneur, explores immigrant entrepreneurs' impact on tech, the economy and public policy.

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  1. What challenges do immigrant entrepreneurs face?
  2. What impact do immigrant entrepreneurs have on the economy and innovation?
  3. What public policy changes are needed to fully take leverage the power and potential of immigrant entrepreneurs?



Jeanne Mell, VP Mktg Communications , University City Science Center

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