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SXSW 2017

Voice: The Invisible UI Nobody Speaks About

As brands progress off dot com and onto other user interface platforms such as social networks, physical objects, and AI conversations, there is one common design technique currently being used that is not often spoke about: Voice. Only a few brands actively use "Voice" as a way to interface with their users in a unique and effective way. There are even fewer who really acknowledge and purposefully design for the "Voice" of their brand. In this Panel, designers with experience working for popular brands discuss what "Voice" means to them as a user interface and how you can do purposeful and meaningful design for Voice in order to shape your user’s experience across platforms.

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  1. How do I understand brand voice as part of UX?
  2. How can I incorporate brand voice into user interface desgin?
  3. What is the value of brand voice in UX/UI?



Benish Shah, Head of Prod Mktg, Refinery29

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