SXSW 2017

Blow It Off or Blow It Up? Gen Z and Higher Ed


Meet the most significant generation born in the last two decades: Generation Z. With their formative years taking place within a complex socioeconomic market, they’ve developed resourceful skills and coping mechanisms. They’ve watched their older Millennial counterparts adopt a traditional approach to education, only to still be living with their parents after investing in a four year degree. They’re determined not to be the same; their communication methods and attitudes on culture and social issues are leading educators to make changes as well. Join experts as they help shed light on key areas where higher education must adapt to meet the needs of its newest customers: Generation Z.

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  1. Generation Z students are digital natives and seek education and knowledge online. Does the traditional four-year college model still make sense?
  2. Generation Z communicates at record speeds. Getting and keeping their attention is more challenging. Does this affect the way today’s teachers teach?
  3. Short learning methods are becoming popular and may help students obtain jobs without a college degree. Is the traditional four-year model outdated?



Natalie Monkou, Business Dev Mgr, Arlington Economic Development

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