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Two Weeks At A Time: A Marketing Transformation

Today’s marketer must challenge the status quo of campaign marketing. Digital storytelling and social engagement have turned marketing on its head and present incredible opportunities for innovation and creativity. This new energy is unleashing a transformation across marketing; marketers are starting to attack problems and measure their successes, literally, two weeks at a time with Agile Marketing. And in doing, they're improving their velocity, precision, flexibility, and team morale.

Todd Shimizu (Ant’s Eye View) and Justin Brocato (Cisco) will be your guides on the Agile development journey. This presentation will show how Agile development enables organizations “to build an uncertain product, for an uncertain customer, in an uncertain market.” For example, Cisco saw their first agile project deliver a comprehensive mobile advertising dashboard in one sprint (2 weeks), after months of inertia previously.

Discover how Agile can be your blueprint for marketing transformation.

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  1. How do social media and Agile Marketing relate?
  2. Do you hear, internalize, and respond to your customers’ voice?
  3. Are you measuring to improve, or simply measuring to tell stories?
  4. Is your team inspired and unleashing their true talents?
  5. How do you get buy-in from the organization?



Brian Hsi, Director, Ant's Eye View

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