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SXSW 2017

Beyond Economics: Art Investment Transforms

As the world evolves its perspectives on the role of art in human experience we begin to understand that design interventions, immersive art experiences, and community based art collectives are transforming our cities. Art is often acknowledged as an economic driver, or alternatively seen as reserved for the “elite”, but there is a new frontier where art and creativity emerges as a critical strategy in the tool kits and practices of new urban mechanics. This panel explores, describes, dives into how this works, when it works, how it challenges conventions of planning, and how, sometimes, it goes awry.

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  1. How is arts-integration impacting public health, alleviating trauma, remediating blight and transforming post-industrial cities? What strategies work?
  2. Where do city engineers and artists intersect? Who is the public and where is the space? What role does urban planning play to advance creativity?
  3. What does participation in the creation of public art pieces do to affect change for individuals and places? How does human-centered design factor?



Kim Cook, Burning Man

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