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SXSW 2017

The Mom & Dad Market: Kids Love It, Parents Buy It

A lot of time is spent designing products to be fun and engaging for kids; yet, one maxim always holds true: even if kids love your product you need to convince their parents to buy it.

However, there are some big differences between baby-boomers, generation X, and millennial parents: age, experience, shopping preferences and styles. It’s now more important than ever for brands to differentiate how they target these groups and create new strategies for capturing their attention. This panel of EdTech companies, parent bloggers, PR leaders, and marketing agencies will discuss these issues and explore the latest digital marketing solutions for attracting those mom and dad consumers.

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  1. What are best practices and strategies for attracting parent consumers?
  2. How can brands differentiate messaging to parents across generational lines?
  3. What are the latest digital solutions and channels for reaching parents?



Stephan Bayer, CEO & Founder, sofatutor.com

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