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SXSW 2017

The New Math: Have You Really Embraced It?

Most companies understand that the best form of marketing is a digital product or service so great that customers promote it for you. This is the new math behind "products over advertising." It's so powerful that companies embracing it are now the most profitable in their industries - just ask Apple, Oscar, and Facebook.

But why are there still so few companies like that? Why is it still so hard to design and build things customers love?

Dig deeper, and there's a clear split between companies that rely on marketing and those that embrace this new math. This talk will discuss the real challenges of pivoting away from impression-based marketing towards self sustaining digital products.

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  1. Why are great digital products so rare, and how do I become one of those exceptions?
  2. How do I calculate the ROI of investing in a digital product vs a marketing campaign?
  3. Defending my budget: how do I sell in a digital product or service?



Lindsay Liu, Group Dir Mktg, Work & Co

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