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Striking Gold: Design Thinking & Critical Thinking

Critical thinking skills are a necessary competency for students to be successful participants in today’s global society. But how do you design and create meaningful learning experiences that support the development of critical thinking skills? We will show how design thinking challenges and mindsets provide opportunities for students to learn and apply critical thinking skills. This hands-on workshop will engage participants in the design process so that they can begin creating a learning environment centered on the needs of their students. We will guide participants through creating critical thinking activities/units to use in their classrooms or schools.

Additional Supporting Materials

Learning Objectives

  1. Participates will explore research on critical thinking and how to best teach it in the classroom.
  2. Participants will partake in design thinking activities that support critical thinking skills development.
  3. Participants will create design thinking activities and units that support the development of critical thinking skills.



Jessica Lura, Dirf Strategic Initiatives & Partnerships, Bullis Charter School

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