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SXSW 2017

Cloud to Cup: How IoT can solve world water crisis

According to CompTIA’s Sizing Up the Internet of Things (IoT) report, the Internet of Things will be composed of 50.1 billion connected devices by the year 2020 and $1.9 trillion in global economic value-add. These devices hold the promise of connecting communities and businesses, helping deliver smarter services to the public while revolutionizing business. Our panel will focus on the IoT landscape from a water conservation perspective, touching upon technology and policy considerations. Starting with the water supply, traveling across the water infrastructure and ending at the consumption from the tap, we will trace the lifecycle and how the IoT and agtech are influencing water.

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  1. What are some of the emerging technologies that governments are using to deal with drought issues?
  2. How is data driving policies related to water creation, use, and conservation?
  3. What can I, as a citizen, take from the experiences of the industry and government when it comes to dealing with drought?



Jennifer Saha, National Dir Public Sector Councils, CompTIA

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