SXSWedu 2017

The “Secret Sauce” of a Successful EdTech Company


What does it take for an edtech company to stand out in a crowded playing field? Focus on classrooms and commitment to service (service, and more service)! As subscription models require companies to become trusted partners to retain customers, it’s more important than ever to ensure you are focused on what matters most. Meet the new breed of company proving success doesn’t have to come from fixating on profit – the service-focused “some-profit.” This session will unpack key ingredients of the new edtech leaders, revealing the powerful blend of putting service, mission and people first to inspire startups and reinvigorate existing companies.

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  1. Understand the key characteristics of a successful edtech company
  2. Walk away with tangible ways subscription-based companies can attract and retain customers
  3. Explore the areas in which edtech companies should invest time and resources to drive maximum growth



Charlotte Fixler, Dir Communications, Curriculum Associates

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