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SXSW 2017

React: JavaScript to Engage Your Web Visitors

In this four hour tutorial, we will show you how to use Facebook's React framework and related APIs to make your web site interactive. We'll pull down a template project and code an application from the ground up that shows and manipulates video, podcasts and other assets and allows you to save data locally or on a server.

Attendees can choose to watch or attempt to follow along on their laptops, with information to be made available before the conference.

The full solution will be made available at the session for attendee review.

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  1. How to get started developing an interactive web site with React
  2. How React can be used in mobile applications as well as traditional web sites
  3. What are some of the common challenges in developing modern JavaScript applications



Kenneth Rimple, Dir of Training & Mentoring , Chariot Solutions

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