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SXSW 2017

A New Sustainable Product Design Paradigm

The globalized world has made it harder to do good through the products we design: supply chains, social impacts and environmental challenges present complicated obstacles. The key to success is to integrate all of these into a unifying creative mission. The talk will focus on how 3D printing, design customization and upcycling can become the engine for a new paradigm for products in the Circular Economy. Aly will discuss how he's learned with his company, Lyf Shoes, to innovate the ways shoes are made and utilize a Digital Cobbler approach. This has resulted in a new business model that brings manufacturing closer to where customers live and energizes communities with positive impacts.

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  1. How can the creative process be used to integrate multiple challenges and become the engine for innovation?
  2. How Cradle to Cradle and the Circular Economy create the frame conditions for not just “doing less bad” but for “doing good?"
  3. Why does a distributed manufacturing model represent the future of the “reshoring” movement?



Morgan High, Public Relations and Mktg Manager, Wake County Economic Development

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