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Pop Up Problems of Practice in Competency Ed


Join the co-founders of CompetencyWorks and a super-dooper experienced leader in competency-based education for rapid-fire discussions on problems of practice (or policy). Between us, we’ve visited over one hundred schools and districts that have embraced competency-based education. Everyone can be a participant in this session. We'll start by one of us challenging the other two with a problem of practice. Each speaker gets 2 minutes to unpack the problem and offer a solution. Then all of you in the room can pop up with your perspective and solution. You can challenge also -- so bring your problems on. We'll have a buzzer -- so no one speaks more than 2 minutes at a time!

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  1. Explore the problems of practice and policy in competency-based education in K12.
  2. Understand how districts and schools are solving implementation issues to be aligned with student learning.
  3. How to better meet students where they are rather than stuck in the rut of delivering grade level instruction.



Chris Sturgis, Principal, MetisNet

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