SXSW 2017

User Memory Design: Experiences That Stick


Experience is overrated. Memory is what really matters in today’s digital economy. Designing “immersive” and “interactive" experiences can get your audience's attention, but what does it matter if they walk away without a positive memory and the intention to tell the world about it?

In this session, Curt Arledge covers the surprising psychology research that shows how humans convert experiences into memories in irrational but systematic ways. Designers can use this understanding to focus beyond users’ ephemeral perceptions to what motivates their decisions in the long term.

Combining research, stories, and practical examples, Curt will show you how to be a better user memory designer.

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  1. What aspects of an experience are most important in determining how people will remember it?
  2. What are some practical ways designers can approach the design process with users' memories in mind?
  3. Is the notion of User Experience Design misguided? Should we focus on User Memory Design instead?



Curt Arledge, User Experience Designer, Viget

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