SXSW 2017

Why 'diversity' is your most valuable asset.


The best and most innovative companies have learned that true diversity is about improved ROI, not PR.

Discover why 'diversity' is an asset worth $ millions to corporates and startups alike and how you can leverage this for business and personal success.

But what is diversity?

How do you capitalise on it as an individual?

Diversity is much more than ethnicity and gender and yes, white males can also bring diversity to your team. But the first step is to understand the science of why we have unconscious bias and how we can leverage conscious bias for big gains, personally and professionally.

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  1. What are the old and new definitions of diversity and why does it matter?
  2. How can your business achieve increased ROI through diversity?
  3. As a person, how can you leverage your diversity successfully?



Angela Hood, Founder/CEO, ThisWay Global

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