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SXSW 2017

The Death of Ownership & the Rise of Experience

Imagine a future where owning consumer goods is no longer desirable. Although driving change the ‘access economy’, has proven the viability of peer-to-peer services, but hasn’t managed to confirm the fantasy of some economists; the demise of all ownership. In this provocative session, we will explore the trends which will force transform consumerism, reveal some of the agency's most successful processes to ‘change business through creativity’. Attendants will leave with some consultative tools for change, access to yet unreleased Imagination case studies, as well as some thought-provoking notions to take into the real-world and apply to opportunities emerging in the wake of disruption.

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  1. What are the societal, business and technology forces that will shape the future of ownership?
  2. How to assess whether a product or service is ripe for a transition to experience?
  3. What are the key steps to turning a product or service into an experience?



Yann Caloghiris, Digital Creative Dir, Imagination

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