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Is Modern Media Destroying Your Attention Span?

2,000 years ago Socrates argued the importance of verbal communication over the written word. As technology advanced, we moved beyond verbal communication, and have become accustom to communicating through images. This has been proven through the stickiness of social sites like Pinterest and Tumblr. Even Twitter restricts to just 140 characters. The way we consume media has also evolved, and impacted how our brains process information. No longer are we able to focus on one thing at a time. With this comes a huge challenge for marketers. If the consumer is always onto the next bright, shiny object, how can they capture attention to effectively influence behavior? Greg Cypes, Director of Product, AddThis, will moderate a panel that will specifically discuss: The psychology behind our digitally charged and over-stimulated brains, what marketers need to do to ensure they’re able to capture our limited attention span, and whether or not the written word means less to consumers.

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  1. How has content changed over the past ten years?
  2. How does your brain behave when receiving information through different channels: voice, text or image?
  3. What is happening to the average online user’s attention span?
  4. How can brands and marketers capitalize on consumers’ brains being more receptive to images vs. words?
  5. How can brands capitalize on insightful data on visual trends in social sharing?



Kate Adorno, Vice President, Access Communications

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