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SXSWedu 2017

Coding and Computational Thinking in Europe

Several European countries are putting digital literacy skills like coding and computational thinking high on the agenda: some even taking the position all teachers and their students should be able to develop and implement these skills in their educational practice.

With a focus on The Netherlands, we discuss how schools are integrating coding and computational thinking into their every day practice, their motivations on doing this, what challenges they face in doing this and what we can learn from other European countries and their differing approaches.

This panel brings together a group of diverse experts who have experience in supporting and helping schools in this journey.

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  1. Participants get an overview of European efforts to implement digital literacy skills like coding and computational thinking in education.
  2. Participants learn about what’s working and what isn’t, based on the very different approaches of countries like the UK, Finland and The Netherlands.
  3. Opportunities to connect and exchange experience with European educational professionals with a broad experience regarding this subject.


  • Wietse van Bruggen, Advisor, Kennisnet Foundation
  • Erik Woning, Consultant, IT-Workz
  • Michael van Wetering, Strategic Advisor, Kennisnet Foundation


Wietse van Bruggen, Advisor, Kennisnet Foundation

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