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SXSWedu 2017

Can Online Learning Close the Skills Gap?

A college education is the surest route to social mobility and a rewarding career… except when it fails to teach the skills employers actually want. The underemployment crisis is proof that too many workers followed their passions exclusively when choosing a major. But rather than debate over who’s at fault, this panel will look at how online education, including degree programs, certificate programs, and individual courses are evolving into a possible solution for workers who need in-demand skills in order to enter into viable career paths. We will share new data about trends in online education and discuss how educators and employers can use online education options to fill in-demand jobs.

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  1. Discuss the skills gap debate, identifying specific industries in which there are more jobs than qualified applicants.
  2. Explore online learning’s many evolving formats and how they might address future workplace needs and expectations.
  3. Examine today’s online education trends and how they are already making an impact on career planning and skill development.



Aubrey Bach, Dir of Content, HigherEducation.com

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