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SXSWedu 2017

Practical Privacy and Security. Really.

Frequently, when discussing privacy and security, the conversations never get past vague advice short on actionable steps. In this session, we document specific steps accessible to non-technical people. These steps provide a concrete and replicable process to help begin to quantify actual risk, rather than react to vague fears.

The steps outlined in this session apply to any stakeholder interested in privacy and security. Both presenters have connected with vendors, school staff, teachers, parents, students, and privacy advocates. While the questions people ask about privacy and security will vary based on their role, the tools used to begin answering these questions are fairly standard.

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  1. Identify the overlap between privacy concerns and security concerns, and how to begin assessing actual risk.
  2. Gain familiarity with freely available, openly licensed tools and resources to support privacy and security evaluations.
  3. Learn how to use these tools and resources to evaluate educational software, including web based and mobile applications.



Bill Fitzgerald, Dir Privacy Evaluation Initiative, Common Sense Media

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