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SXSWedu 2017

Walk Your Talk: The Teacher Data Use Survey

Ever wonder which data teachers use most? Ever wonder how much they use it? Ever wonder IF they use it? Most schools and districts can’t answer these questions because – ironically – they have no data on their teachers’ data use! Allow us to introduce the Teacher Data Use Survey (TDUS), a new tool developed by Regional Educational Laboratory (REL) Appalachia to assess teacher data use and the supports that make it happen. Come to our session to learn about the TDUS and how it can inform decision-making. See a demonstration of cool tool that reports and disseminates TDUS data. Leave equipped with knowledge that helps you “walk your talk” by using evidence to support teacher data use.

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  1. Understand the nature and purpose of Teacher Data Use Survey.
  2. Learn how the Teacher Data Use Survey can assist school administrators in making data informed decisions about supporting teacher data use.
  3. Learn about a reporting tool that helps educators synthesize, interpret and disseminate TDUS findings in a user-friendly and innovative way.


  • Jeff Wayman, Wayman Services, LLC
  • Beth Peery, Magnolia Consulting, LLC
  • Margie Johnson, Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools


Jeff Wayman, Pres, Wayman Services LLC

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