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SXSW 2017

Understanding Privacy in the Land of Oversharing

We live in a social world. One where sharing every aspect of your life online – from product thoughts to photos to personal information – is as natural as breathing, and as consumers continue to engage more heavily online, brands are looking to get in on the action. That’s where the problem starts. In this world of consumer oversharing, the line between public and private content is blurry, leaving brands to navigate a murky gray area of what kinds of consumer-generated content can be repurposed for a brand’s needs. How do the boundaries of the law differ from the ethical guidelines set by industry groups, and what can brands do to protect themselves and the consumers they hold so dear?

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  1. How do the boundaries of the law differ from ethical guidelines set by industry groups?
  2. Where does public information stop and private information begin?
  3. What is the industry doing to manage and police this critical intersection of information?



Andy North, VP Corporate Branding & Communications, Bazaarvoice

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