SXSW Interactive 2013

The Alchemy Economy: A $300B Craving for Change

Change is the new black. Consumer technologies have obliterated the informational and inspirational barriers to lifestyle design. Whether they are hacking their lives, their careers, their health or their personal finances, ‘Transformational Consumers’ vote for the brands that power their aspirations with their dollars: over $300 Billion each year. Viewing users through the lens of their craving for continual change inspires a wholesale rethink of everything from business models to product design to marketing, and equips businesses, brands and technologists to serve and engage this group with alchemical products and change-fueling multimedia content, at scale. This session features the data- and insight-based framework for understanding this new consumer segment, transformation trend-spotting and a series of micro-case studies on product/content integrations from brands that are currently engaged in wild, two-way love affairs with transformation-craving users, online and off.

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  1. Who this Transformational Consumer group is, and how brands can understand, serve and engage them more powerfully by understanding them through the lens of their craving for change.
  2. What categories and verticals are particularly ripe for ‘transformational investments’ by this consumer group - and how inspired businesses in other verticals can position their offerings to nurture users’ increasing obsession with habit change, goal achievement and lifestyle design.
  3. How brands can - and must! - rethink their business models, product development, content and marketing messages to foster the aspirations and life transformations consumers increasingly crave.
  4. How to power-tweak existing offerings and innovate new ones that satisfy users’ cravings to improve their lives, health, finances and careers and establish a lasting, two-way love affair between a brand and its users.
  5. What product-content integrations companies, marketers and technologists can look to for inspiration in establishing themselves as ‘lovemarks’ of the Transformational Consumer.



Tara-Nicholle Nelson, Founder + CEO, RETHINK Multimedia

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  • Event: Interactive
  • Format: Solo
  • Track: Content and Distribution
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  • Level: Advanced
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