SXSW 2017

The Future of Virtual Reality and the Browser


Virtual Reality is the new frontier for technology, but what about the web? It can't just be about gaming, right? Browsers aren't yet a platform for distributing VR content, whether that's 3D or 360 degree video. But will that change? In this session, we'll look at the current state of producing, developing, and distributing VR content, with examples of who is doing it well and a variety of existing applications. We'll cast a look into the future for when to expect things to open up within the browser and what new applications that'll introduce. Hopefully, you'll leave inspired with fresh ideas and feel equipped to start pioneering the next generation of immersive web-based experiences.

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  1. When and how will VR capabilities open up within the browser?
  2. In what ways does browser-based VR change the production, interactivity, and distribution of VR content?
  3. In what ways do VR ideas change when those experiences can be integrated with other libraries, frameworks, and applications?



Zach Robbins, Sr Digital Strategist, Viget

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