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SXSW 2017

Multi-Dimensional Mapping: Storytelling & Analysis

Maps have a long history of working as storytelling devices that place not only geographical information, but human and emotional information in space. While we tend to associate maps with a two dimensional plane, open source innovations have allowed mapping to advanced far beyond a mnemonic device for location and into a vibrant multi-dimensional culture that transcends both time and space.

This talk will focus on how maps and analysis give us insights and narrative into varied dimensions of our past, present, and future. We will explore analysis and design in modern web mapping applications built with Javascript and open source projects including CartoCSS, PostgreSQL, and D3.JS.

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  1. How are communities of developers, analysts, researchers, and non-technical users and professionals being influenced by modern web-mapping technology?
  2. How do maps shape our understanding of conceptual reality, and how does design and analysis shape how end-users comprehend and use this information?
  3. Modern mapping moves beyond spatial and offers a multi-dimensional understanding of humanity. How is this shaping the future of design and technology?


  • Santiago Giraldo Anduaga, CARTO


Santiago Giraldo, Sr Urban Scientist, Carto

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