SXSW 2017

The Culture Paradox: Scaling What Makes You Grow


Every start-up discovers a paradox on their journey to become a successful enterprise. You have a unique culture that fuels your growth. Yet with growth come new faces, ideas, and decisions that can erode the culture that’s made your organization successful.

Learn how Red Hat, a 9,000 person tech company born from the open source and “maker” movement, is taking a purposeful approach to scaling its culture for the future.

See how the company found--and continues to find--its cultural strengths and differentiators, including open leadership and inclusive meritocracy. Learn how to translate cultural expectations for newcomers, while being open to the valuable perspectives they offer.

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  1. What makes your organizational culture special?
  2. What behaviors hold your organization back?
  3. What behaviors define leadership in any organization?



Rebecca Fernandez, Principal Employment Branding & Communications Specialist, Red Hat Inc

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