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Data People Must Become Organizational Militants


As data people, we should become the militants in our organizations — being aggressively active in taking up important causes.

In the traditional model, digital analytics is a reactive role: we provide data and analysis, assuming others will use it to make good decisions. We'll look at why this model doesn't work — covering confirmation bias, bad habits, and what Dick Cheney has to do with digital analytics.

I'll propose a new model: the traditions we must burn down and the new approaches that we must build up. We'll cover the gamut from vanity metrics and snacking to data overload, frameworks, and experimentation. Analysts must adapt to think proactively, big-picture, and long-term.

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  1. Why does the "data person" only rarely own the project vision?
  2. How do the confirmation bias, bad habits, and traditional project roles undermine organizations that are trying to be data driven?
  3. Why should we stop looking at so much historical data?



Paul Koch, Sr Digital Analyst, Viget

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