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The Future of Cinema in the Age of VR

Is VR the end of the cinema as we know it?

With headset technology entering the consumer market with force, film watching is becoming an increasingly solo experience. As we move further into the individually programmed, personalized experience of VOD and being alone at home with your headset, is the future of collective film watching at risk?

Move beyond the headset and hear how cinemas, festivals and VR makers can create collective experiences for audiences. Through case studies and a panel of experts from the world’s leading VR film festivals, learn how we can ensure VR doesn't mean audiences will be forever alone.

Supported by the British Film Institute Film Audience Network


  1. How can film exhibitors adapt programming to include VR for audiences?
  2. How can VR makers create content to be shared with collective audiences rather than solo ones?
  3. What are the next innovations coming up for collective VR and how can you get on board?



Lisa Brook, Dir, Live Cinema UK

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