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SXSWedu 2017

EdTech is the Question, Not the Answer

The conversation about EdTech in Title 1 schools tends to focus on the issue of access. But is putting more tech in the hands of marginalized students the answer? This panel will explore the challenge of meaningful, culturally responsive integration of EdTech in under-resourced schools. By identifying the key considerations from the perspectives of educators, EdTech companies, and students, we hope to get a little closer to answering the question: how can we effectively use technology to close the opportunity gap and the achievement gap?

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  1. What are key considerations for educators tailoring digital tools for marginalized student populations?
  2. How can EdTech companies support Title 1 schools in meaningful integration of technology?
  3. What pathways can we offer students to connect technology use with real college and career opportunities?



James Miles, Dir of Education, Urban Arts Partnership

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