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Internet of Things - of Bears, Bats, and Bees

The internet of things (IoT) started off as a crazy scifi dream but its basic building blocks: ultra cheap computing and swarm computation are slowly working their way into existing product categories. This tends to confuse people as classic devices such computers and phones are now considered by many to be part of the internet of things. This talk will provide a simple categorization of the IoT into bears (big computers) bats (focused smart devices) and bees (tagged objects that can be tracked) These three groups form the basic "tribes of IoT" and provide a framework to discuss what each functionally needs. This talk will also extend the framework of the internet to this hardware category, showing how the open standards that built the internet must continue into hardware. This is critical as we are looking at a future of proprietary lock-in where one company is trying to own the future. We are better than this and must fight for our future.

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Scott Jenson, Creative Director, frog design

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