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SXSWedu 2017

Learning The Undeniable Truth About Inclusion

Every day, thousands of students with special needs are ushered into separate special education classrooms. They are taught differently, treated differently and participate in different school programs. Why is this segregated form of special education still the norm in American schools when there is undeniable truth about the practice of inclusion. Our unique panel of teachers and parents will outline the research, provide instructional strategies, demonstrate the application of assistive technology, and give personal accounts of inclusive education. Attendees will learn why and how schools can give students with special needs the appropriate education they deserve.

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  1. Learn the concept and purpose of inclusive education.
  2. Learn how teaching strategies, assistive technology, and school resources can be used to facilitate inclusive education.
  3. Identify ways to encourage and support inclusive opportunties for students with special needs within schools.



Nicole Eredics, Education Consultant, The Inclusive Class

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