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SXSWedu 2017

Making Critical Thinking Real with Digital Tools

Everyone from employers to educators are talking about the need for today’s students to develop effective critical thinking and problem solving skills - but few people know what that really looks like in a classroom or how to measure student competency in a meaningful way. This workshop is designed to take the conceptual understanding of critical thinking to a more practical reality. Grounded in research about employers’ expectations and educators’ challenges in this area, the workshop will use innovative digital content and games to demonstrate how students can effectively develop problem solving muscles, and how teachers can measure student competencies. Features Arts,Science, & Civics.

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  1. Examine assessment of critical thinking in student created content - including games, concept maps, and other digital experiences.
  2. Explore critical thinking across the Arts, Science, and Civics - with an eye toward hands-on tools for classroom practice.
  3. Examine the data behind the drive for heightening critical thinking experiences in our classrooms, & leverage digital tools to support deep learning.



Kari Stubbs, VP, Learning & Innovation, BrainPOP

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