SXSW 2017

That Kodak Moment: dodging the Disruption bullet

Digital disruption threatens even the most established businesses.
But you can avoid That Kodak Moment! Any ‘legacy’ business can fight it out with the new digital upstarts.
This fun interactive workshop (Scissors! Glue! Colored pens!) focuses on Scenario Planning - helping established businesses to fight back in a range of innovative and surprising ways.
Should you rebrand? Launch your own competitor? Diversify? Do you just need a great new anthem campaign?
Using our Scenario Planning process, you will identify the risks to your market, and come up with a business strategy that will catapult you back to the forefront of innovation – delighting your customers and confounding the analysts

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  1. How do I assess the risk of a changing business landscape that I see approaching me?
  2. How do I develop new and radical concepts to disrupt the market before it disrupts me?
  3. How do I use branding and marketing as a key weapon in 'disrupting the disruptors'?



Tim Dunn, Dir Strategy, Isobar

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