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SXSWedu 2017

Leading Innovative Learning in Traditional Schools

Test-based accountability in traditional schools does not prevent leaders from creating and sustaining models in which students become innovative learners who discover and value their own creativity. In fact, the new Professional Standards for Educational Leaders reassert the principal’s crucial role as a leader of both equity and innovation--underscoring that innovative learning requires a fully aligned learning environment that only an enlightened principal can lead. Three principals of comprehensive neighborhood schools will share how they tap students’ interests and creativity to push past the goals of math and reading proficiency and maximize the potential of each student.

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  1. Participants will discover how current school leadership standards promote innovative learning.
  2. Participants will learn how progressive leaders set and reach goals beyond mere reading and math proficiency.
  3. Participants will learn strategies for empowering students in a comprehensive public school context.


Bob Farrace, Dir of Public Affairs, National Association of Secondary School Principals

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