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SXSW 2017

The Technical Interview, Bias, and What We Learned

Over the course of 2016, Code2040 brought a group of 9 tech companies together periodically to deconstruct the dysfunctions of the technical interview. We came away learning about the process, content, training, and competency issues that currently exist in identifying entry level talent. This panel will explore what we learned, give advice for those seeking to create a better more inclusive interview process, and discuss the steps 4 different companies took after the learning.

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  1. What are some best practices that can be applied to my companies technical interview process?
  2. How do you start the change management process needed to internally align around interviews?
  3. What did these 9 companies believe were the generalist competencies needed from every entry level technologist?



Karla Monterroso, VP of Programs, CODE2040

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