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Coloring the Web: Understanding CSS Color

Ever wondered how the pixels on your screen light up in different colors? How some people seem to be able to pick aesthetically pleasing colors without any color picker? Ever wished CSS made it easier to work with color?
In this talk, you will learn how digital color works on the lower (hardware) level, how popular color models like RGB and HSL work and how you can take advantage of that to get rid of your color picker. You will also learn about the color formats that CSS supports, up to Level 3, as well as the exciting new ways to work with color coming in CSS4.
All this will be presented in a visual, interactive way that makes it much easier to understand and remember the knowledge presented.

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  1. How does color work on screens?
  2. How do RGB, HSL and other color models actually work?
  3. How can I easily pick nice looking colors without a color picker?
  4. How can I pick colors that work well together?
  5. What color formats are supported in CSS, up to CSS3? What’s coming in CSS4?



Lea Verou, Front-end web developer, web designer, Independent

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