SXSW 2017

Is Privacy Impossible in a VR / AR world?


We live in a digital world where the Internet and our phones are constantly keeping track of our age, shopping preferences and where we are at all times. While 2016 has been named the year of VR, recent viral sensations like Pokemon Go have shown us that the industry is still in early stages and many startups are venturing into “wild west” territory regarding how we share data with these platforms and how information is protected. As VR and AR companies continue to collect unprecedented amounts of data from consumers, this session will discuss the legal implications facing the industry and how companies can provide their offerings to consumers and businesses in a legal and ethical manner.

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  1. What digital boundaries of property do AR and VR companies need to set to protect consumers from using their services?
  2. What role do companies play to make sure consumers are more educated about their data and privacy with regards to AR and VR?
  3. Will the law catch up with AR and VR companies regarding how they operate among casual game players, consumers or businesses?



Lauren Kido, Sr Acct Exec, Highwire PR

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