SXSW 2017

Capturing Audiences in a Multi-Platform World


At a time when digital platform options are seemingly endless, how do content producers and audiences alike choose what suits their needs best? Discovery Digital Networks has found that secret sauce and continues capitalizing on their success day after day, approaching 1 BILLION quarterly views across platforms! Join Jared Oban, Director of Audience Development, and Elearnor Donovan, Executive Producer, as they discuss DDN’s masterful approach to editorial strategy, how they incorporate analytics and data to drive views, how they determine which platforms are best for each case, and ultimately how to take a single idea and turn it into a custom-for-platform distribution strategy.

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  1. How can you take a single script or idea and customize the information for different platforms?
  2. Why is a multi-platform strategy worth the time, effort, and monetary investment?
  3. How do you determine which platforms to invest in?



Claire Shirley, Communications Coord, Discovery Communications

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