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SXSW 2017

Plug In and Create: How tech shapes creativity

Technology and the rapid pace of innovation is having a profound influence upon our lives.

One particularly pertinent sphere that it is impacting is our creativity - from our processes through to what we're producing. Whilst data and the tools we use are creating unprecedented possibilities, there are also perils that we need to discuss and be conscious of.

Taking an interdisciplinary approach with three people at the cutting edge of their respective fields, this panel will explore how research, innovation, communication and the arts are being transformed by some of the most cutting edge technological innovations of today and consider what the future may look like.

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  1. What are some of the latest pieces of technology that are fundamentally transforming innovation, communication and the arts today and how so?
  2. How is technology transforming the creative process in these fields and what benefits and tensions exist with these transformations?
  3. How has technology impacted the outputs in these spheres and definitions of effectiveness?



Daniel Bluzer-Fry, CX Strategist, Tribal WorldWide

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