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SXSW 2017

How Technology Influenced Fetish Culture & Community

In Japan, S&M culture is becoming more and more familiar to people due to the birth of S&M idols. It means Japanese people don't think directly connected to sex.
Japanese fetish enthusiasts are mixed with new technology, recently like VR. because they are good at adopting this to make a community.
From this community, so much creative culture is growing up in any sexuality and age (of course including LGBT).
They make many Japanese convergence of art, entertainment, subculture and fun community.

In this session,we talk about how to expand Fetish community and how expression about Fetish with KINBAKU girls photographer,S&M Idols and Director of Fetish culture web media.

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  1. how to communicate minority people?what kind of people get together to community
  2. what is influence to children.what is difference about sex and Fetish in Japan
  3. where is borderline between underground and overground culture.



Hidemi Arai, Dir, Flight X-Jet Inc.

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