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SXSW 2017

Music: use it with heart, attract souls!

Music is a very important tool. Used in army age, by religions and also as treatments, therapy, etc.Applied into a film, can change the direction of how the viewer will remind that story, forever! Try to think at Creed (Sylvester Stallone movie) with another soundtrack! (Try! 'Don't wanna lose you', by Gloria Estefan). Nothing against, instead!

Music as a storytelling element x platform transmedia planning
MAMP (Multi Audience Multi Platform) with 5 steps
Points about consumption, musician cases, as ones who played at SxSw 2016 + Coletivo Pilantragi, with DJ Rodrigo Bento, leading brazilian music playing in amazing places and renamed parties (Amazonia, Europe and others)

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  1. Music storytelling
  2. Music Consumption & Platform of Transmedia Planning
  3. How bands, djs and personalities are reinventing ways to connect, interact and engage the public with their truths!



Sheyna Adamo Attar, Owner , SAA Produções Multiculturais

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