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SXSWedu 2017

Building Blocks of Competency Based Learning

The EDUCAUSE “Next Generation Digital Learning Environment” paper (Brown, Dehoney, & Millichap) and the IMS / C-BEN work on CBE and credentialing standards outlined a transformational vision for institutions to consider. In this session, we propose important implementation elements that will enable this transition, including: credentialing, extended transcripts (ePortfolios too), backward design, authentic assessment, learning analytics, employability and standards-based learner records. In this presentation, we build on both the NGDLE framework and the IMS / C-BEN work on CBE and credentialing standards to offer additional details & guidance for institutions moving beyond the status quo.

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  1. Describe the significance of and be prepared to make infrastructure decisions based on the NGDLE and CBE technology challenges
  2. Articulate extensions and necessary building blocks for implementing NGDLE / CBE learning environments at their institutions.
  3. Use the framework provided as a starting point for learning technology strategic planning for design, extended transcripts and credentialing


  • Jon Mott, Higher Education Technology


Jon Mott, Chief Learning Officer, Learning Objects

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