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SXSWedu 2017

Hip Hop in the Science Classroom

What would it like to blend science and hip hop in your classroom? Students writing lyrics about their questions at the start of a unit? Collaborative music videos to showcase learning? Students educating teachers about issues relevant to their lives, finding new applications for class content?

Learn by doing in this hands-on workshop - from short, easy-to-incorporate “finish the rhyme” activities, to time-intensive explorations of socially-relevant projects that breed student buy-in and interdisciplinary collaboration. Come for the live science raps. Stay for the open dialogue about cultural exchange and appropriation. Leave with tools that can apply to your science classroom and beyond.

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  1. Understand the theory and power of incorporating student culture (specifically hip hop) into the science classroom.
  2. Walk away with the concrete activities that allow you to blend hip hop and core science curriculum in your classroom.
  3. Practice having challenging critical dialogues by exploring the line between cultural exchange and cultural appropriation.



Tom McFadden, Science Teacher, YouTuber, & Science Rapper, Science With Tom & The Nueva School

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  • Tags: hip hop, science, ngss
  • Event: EDU
  • Format: Workshop
  • Track: Instruction
  • Session Focus Area
  • Level: Basic Understanding
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