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VR Makes Me Wonder

When you put kids in virtual reality they don’t see what is, they see what can be. For educators, the safety of the familiar can be appealing when introducing new technology in the classroom but can also confine its creative potential. Our research shows that kids and teachers feel that capturing the elements of wonder and exploration are paramount to the value of a VR experience even though that can sometimes be challenging. Kids in our study showed us that VR fundamentally shifted what they thought was possible within the four walls of a classroom. This session engages educators in how to encourage room for true exploration in the virtual space.

Learning Objectives

  1. Participants will hear examples of effective VR implementation, and consider ways to implement VR into their own programs.
  2. Participants will engage conceptually and through applied research with the value of play in the VR educational space.
  3. We will share ways to connect with other educators that are using VR in their classrooms and provide content examples and other resources.



Lisa Castaneda, CEO, Foundry10

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