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How Vaping Cannabis Can Elevate Performance


Cannabis, which was once considered a vice and a hindrance, is now being used by many to elevate physical and mental performance, aided by the rise of new vaporizer technology.

With all-glass pathways, which guarantee pure, clean vapor, and convection-based heating systems, which ensure a consistent temperature irrespective of airflow changes, today’s vaporizers create a healthy and customizable cannabis experience unlike ever before. Individuals are able to unlock specific cannabinoids that best suit their needs while knowing their lungs are safe. As a result, cannabis is moving beyond its taboo and becoming a go-to resource for athletes & high-performing individuals across the country.

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  1. How have athletes and other high-performing individuals used cannabis to elevate their mental and physical performance?
  2. What are best practices for utilizing cannabis to increase mental and physical performance?
  3. What advancements have been made in vaporizer technology that have made this type of cannabis use possible?



Robert Vanisko, Acct Mgr, N6A

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