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SXSW 2017

We’re All The Same (But Pretend Not To Be)

Contrary to what we may be implied by society, consumers around the world aren’t necessarily that different. All people have the same basic needs and emotions. What differs greatly are the strategies in how to reach these consumers across the globe. Different– even contrasting-- messages are required to trigger the same emotions from various demographics, which requires ever-changing blueprints to build engagement. When developing a brand in a new country, the goals are the same. The tricky part is creating content that is sensitive to and smart about new societal norms and priorities – all while engaging brands, establishing platforms and fostering authentic engagement.

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  1. How can US-based companies successfully build a global brand?
  2. How do you create region-specific content while maintaining an authentic and cohesive brand voice?
  3. How can global consumers be grouped together when people’s opinions, experiences and values are vastly different?



Ali Colangelo, Sr Account Dir, Brew PR

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