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Changing Teaching & Learning Culture

A case study on how Marysville School District in Washington is using technology to redefine their learning culture. In one year, Marysville has built a wifi network across 23 schools and made wifi public for the community at all schools. Marysville deployed 6200 devices to students and 760 laptops to teachers.This case study will highlight how Marysville involved the community, examine systems put in place for rapid deployment of devices, and the PD commitment made to understand the new learning landscape for the district itself. Key components will include examining data around device rollout for students and staff as well as the PD necessary to change the teaching and learning culture.

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  1. Participants will examine how learning with technology adds value to the broader community and helps pass technology levies.
  2. Participants will understand how a rapid rollout of devices on scale was managed and continues to evolve today.
  3. Participants will understand how providing PD as part of the 1:1 rollout is the critical component to success.



Jeff Utecht, CEO, Eduro Learning

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