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SXSWedu 2017

Build Your Product with Teacher Voice

The best EdTech is created with collaboration and feedback from teachers. #EdTechBridge, a Twitter chat and online group born three years ago at SXSWEdu, comprises creators, teachers, administrators, researchers, and students who discuss how to work together to make good EdTech. This year we will share our findings from this community on how to effectively incorporate teachers' voices into an EdTech product in the form of strategies, advice, case studies, and tales of success and caution.

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  1. We will discuss best practices for meeting and connecting with educators to partner on EdTech product development.
  2. We will talk about appropriate techniques for educator recruitment, compensation, and follow up.
  3. We will discuss how different collaboration methods can fill the diverse schedules and needs of teachers and EdTech creators.



Katya Hott, UX Researcher, BrainPOP

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