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SXSW 2017

General Licensing: Where Are My Royalties?

General Licensing isn’t a sexy topic in the music industry. What is it and why does it generate 5 times more revenue for songwriters than all digital services combined! Why is nobody talking about it and what is being done to modernize this area of the business?

General Licensing: Where Are My Royalties? aims to educate and answer questions with experts from the songwriting, publishing, performing rights and technology sectors, while examining the oldest (and one of the largest) areas of Performing Rights. We will address fee structures, outdated distribution methods, the need for greater transparency and more. Sexy or not, here we come. #MusicTransparency

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  1. What are the current problems with general licensing, and how can they be fixed to be benefit a broader scope of songwriters?
  2. What are the differences with general licensing in the USA vs the global market, and how can we modernize our domestic system to benefit songwriters?
  3. How can songwriters take action to join in the movement towards more transparency and arm themselves to collect the royalties they rightfully deserve?



Brian Penick, CBDO, Soundstr

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